Christmas Crafts

Christmas Crafts: Christmas is a great time to get crafty. You have the cold weather which stops you from wanting to leave the house, especially when it involves several layers and thick boots. You have the need for Christmas decorations and the need for finding great personal gifts for your nearest and dearest.

There are a million and one crafty things you can do to get you through the winter and a few million items that you can create with crafts to serve as great presents for your loved ones. Below I have listed just a few of these crafts and items for you to get stuck into this Christmas .

For the Home

One thing I love about Christmas is the smells that Christmas creates, whether it’s the tree, the food or the winter sharpness that is in the air. By using items such as wreathes and fruits in your craft you can help bring those smells into your home. One of the simplest ways to do this which can involve many different decorative methods such as papercraft and needlecraft are wreaths.

Restaurants open on christmas day
Restaurants open on christmas day

Wreaths are a circular shaped ring of objects with together make up a wreath. These are very common items for people to put on their front doors but there is no reason why these can’t be placed around the house as well for added decoration. Wreaths can be made from fresh or fake branches and fruit, you can even use dried fruit on it such a lemons and oranges to bring the smell into the wreath.

Wreaths can also be made from material such as felt, cut out in Christmas themed shapes such as doves, baubles and trees. You can also embroider parts of the wreath with glitter and sparkles to make it really eye catching. These kinds of wreaths can be brought out year after year and fixed easily.

Similar crafts can be applied to garlands, these can be hung around the house to decorate, common versions are paper chains whilst the Americans often place strings of popcorn up, and again creating the Christmas smells in the house. Making garlands out of festive themed material and shapes can also look wonderful and can be made to suit the decor in your house already and the colour theme that you want to go for at Christmas.

Is walmart open christmas day
Is walmart open christmas day

For the Table

The Christmas dinner is a special meal that is only made once a year in its entirety. This means that we often spare no expense and make it very extravagant, using only the best china and cutlery. Recently, many people have begun decorating the table as well as the house to make it extra special and extra Christmas.

One simple way of decorating the table with as little effort as possible is to have the following three items decorating the table. Item one is a centre piece, item two are napkin holders and item three are name place tags for each place at the table so people who where they are sitting – this is especially important with a large family or if you need to ensure that certain people are closer to the toilet or the kitchen for example.

Center Piece

Christmas centre pieces are a great way of bring the family together, there are some very simple centre pieces that take seconds to make and have a huge impact. This involving having a large glass bowl in the centre of the table and then filling it with baubles and other festive items, such as candles and Poinsettias.

Stores open on christmas day
Stores open on christmas day

Depending on what you put in the bowl you can often make this well in advance taking the rush out of laying the table. Some people who have their dinner later in the day put candles in their centre piece to add to the ambiance and give some festive light to the table, if you are worried about people catching their festive jumpers on the naked flame as they try and get the last of the roast potatoes, you can always get battery operated candles or run some LED lights across the table.

Napkin Holders

Festive napkin holders can help make the table and the settings look merry and special, there are simple things you can do to make napkin holders including simply tying some ribbon around the napkin for those who are craft adverse.

Crafters can include images of Christmas objects such as baubles, the Christmas tree, Santa Claus and Elves printed on thick car and tied to the napkins. Another idea is to cross stitch Christmas themed patterns, put a lovely border around it made up of ribbon or material, and then wrap this around the napkins. There are small cross stitch kits which are the perfect size for this idea.

All of these napkin holders can be kept and reused at the next Christmas , starting a new family tradition and enjoyment for years to come.

How many days in december

Name Place Tags

As mentioned, placing name place tags at each seat at the Christmas table ensures that people know where they are sitting. If you are hosting a big dinner party or friends, this idea makes sure that people are encouraged to mix with people they don’t know so that everyone feels involved and a part of the celebration. For families, this stops any arguments over the seating arrangement and ensures that family members that need to be close to the kitchen or the bathroom etc are seated on the table in a place that will minimise the disruption when they need to leave the table.

They name tags can simply be pieces of card with names written on them, they can be decorated with anything that you have on hand such as pencils and pens. This is a good task for children or you can take them to the next level and create them in nearly every craft from needlecraft to papercraft.

Some people have been known to make their name place tags more 3D by spray painting hard fruit such as pears in a colour which co-ordinates with the rest of your table such as silver or gold and then tying a tag around the stalk of the fruits and writing the names of your guests on that.

Walmart hours christmas day
Walmart hours christmas day

Don’t be afraid to be inventive with these name place tags, just keep it within the colour theme you are using and ensure that they don’t take up too much of the table as your guests will prefer to have gravy on the table than elaborate name place tags.

For the Tree

For many people, the tree is the most important part of Christmas and they decorate them very elaborately. The ways in which you can involve crafts in the tree is infinite. Some examples include making a tree stand cover using material and needlecraft for decoration and making tree ornaments which can be created using any and every craft imaginable including decoupage. The sky is the limit when it comes to the tree and crafts; even the way that you decorate the tree is a craft.

For the Christmas Cards

Christmas cards are a great avenue to express your creativity, you can make your own cards quite cheaply and they are valued much more than traditional shop brought cards. Paper crafts such as die-cutting, embossing, stencils and decoupage are the common methods of crafts that are used in Christmas cards but really any craft can be used. Cross stitch cards look fantastic and you can stitch some very simple Christmas designs quickly and easily for use in cards.

Restaurants open christmas day
Restaurants open christmas day

The Gift Corner has some great advice regarding how to make your own Christmas cards, with the most important piece of advice given is that you decide on the finished design before you stick anything down to avoid making mistakes.

For the Gifts

With personalised and easy to make Christmas cards comes personalised, unique and easy to make Christmas gifts. Homemade gifts and gifts that have been personalised are much more precious than shop brought gifts, especially if you are buying for someone who already has everything. The possibilities for gifts include the following…

  • Knit them a jumper – Knitting
  • Knit them a scarf and/or gloves and/or hat – Knitting
  • Knit them socks – Knitting
  • Make them a bag – Sewing
  • Make them a pencil case – Sewing
  • Make them a garment such as a dress, top or jacket – Sewing
  • Decorate a frame – Papercraft such as decoupage
  • Decorate a pencil case – Papercraft such as decoupage
  • Decorate a mirror – Papercraft such as decoupage
  • Decorate a glass – Papercraft such as decoupage
  • Sew them a pillow – Needlecraft
  • Make them a bowl – Pottery
  • Make them a vase – Pottery
Home for christmas day
Home for christmas day

This is just a handful of possibilities and as you can see the numbers of crafts are endless. Try making a Christmas gift today, your recipient will love and cherish the gift.

Christmas Craft Ideas

Children simply tread on air when it’s their most favorite Christmas holidays around the corner ! Now Christmas crafts are some of those special things which make the holiday even more fun for them. They enjoy making wonderfully warm crafts for their big bros, little sis, dear parents or cool buddies. Christmas is surely the merriest time of the year for the little kiddos, especially because Santa Claus comes to visit them with lots of Christmas gifts and toys. And they just can’t afford to miss out on all the fun. Some schools arrange for a breakfast with Santa and these tiny tots simply love playing and singing about this jolly ol’ man in unabashed glee. It’s quite fetching ideas for the teachers to make the students deck up their schools for the holidays and get on with some Christmas crafts. It is sheer fun and they would surely enjoy these Christmas crafts.

things to do on christmas day
things to do on christmas day

During the Christmas holidays, students are often kept engaged in interesting Christmas crafts or gifted a day-out with Mr. Santa and Mrs. Claus. It’s also quite common to arrange for a Christmas shopping for the kids, where they can buy little tokens or inexpensive Christmas gifts for their mom, dad, gramps, bro, sis or friends. That gives them a real grown-up feeling and you’d love to see those little creatures rejoice in the Christmas shopping spree. Magic shows and talent hunts are also held during Christmas to keep the kids on the high end of thrill. Children even go out caroling in groups from door to door on Christmas . So much for the activities of children during Christmas ; now if you want some Christmas craft ideas for the children, here are some:

  • The easiest Christmas craft by all odds is the Christmas card. No one will ever get bored with making their own hand-made cards. Ideas can be many and easy-to-craft too. So why not ask them start off with some Christmas cards ? May be just a collage of red, green and white papers would look mind-blowing or a Christmas tree studded with glitters at the corners more fascinating than a real one !
  • Another groovy Christmas craft idea is the Santa hat. You’ll just need red cloth, some fluffy cotton and glue to get this Christmas craft real ! Fold the red cloth into a conical shape and stick the edges. Then have a ball of cotton glued at the top and some to border the circular base.
  • Christmas wreaths are always great ideas for Christmas crafts. Best visual for this would be a wreath made of the special Poinsettias of the season. Red and white poinsettias would just swell at the doorway, won’t they ? You can even have the wreath punctuated with green leaves.
  • Christmas ornaments are good craft ideas too. You can ask the kids to make small gingerbread men from hard brown-colored paper or give them plastic candy canes to be spiraled in red and blue satin ribbons. Or they can also make glittering Christmas stars by cutting out papers in star shapes and sticking silver and golden glitters on them.
  • Christmas craft ideas are many. Why not let your kids craft out a cute angel this year ? Let them draw an angel on construction paper, help them stick light pink or light blue fabric for the dress, color the hands and eyes and then cut it out finally to fix it at the doorway to welcome your guests on Christmas . They would surely appreciate this cherubic welcome !
  • Now with a little older kids, crafting out a big snowman or a roly-poly Santa are peachy Christmas craft ideas for sure. To start, you can ask them stuff two big sacks for the snowman body and cover them with loads of cotton. A carrot for the nose and cranberries for the eyes and your snowman for Christmas would be all done and dusted to amuse your folks.
  • Another idea for Christmas crafts is the Christmas sign board. You may ask the children to either draw or color whacky messages for Christmas , that are to be put up on the door or on the walls of your Christmas party hall. So let their ideas soar this Christmas and inspire the little ones to create fascinating Christmas crafts!

Things to Remember about Christmas Crafts

25 days from today
25 days from today

Remember the most important part of Christmas is not anything that I have written in this article, it is the family and friends that you spend it with. This is why it is very important that you don’t overload yourself, by all means have a truly crafty Christmas and enjoy everything the festive season has to offer but make things in advance and spread out the time needed to make everything that you want to make. You will enjoy it more and find that your crafts are a thousand times better than if you had left it all to the end.

Caution: Sometimes Its Better To Wait For The BOXING DAY❗❗❗

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